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Company Profile


Sahaporntool Ltd.,part was established in 1981 by teams who have experiences in electronics, computer and semiconductor industries. All of our shareholders are Thai.

We are one of leading companies in Thailand that provides high precision spare parts, fixtures and tools under tolerance +/- 0.005 mm or 0.0002 inch or depend on customer’s requirements.

Currently, we support computer plants semiconductor plants, electronics plants etc, in Asia (Japan, Malaysia & Thailand) and Europe (Germany)

  • Manufacture products at the finest quality.
  • Trading with reasonable price term.
  • Research and develop new products and manufacturing processes.
  • Maintain employee’s quality of life.
  • Being a sustainable corporation.

Delivery on time with top quality in guarantee

Top precised OEM in Thailand in several sectors

Know Our History

Market Sector

Medical Instrument

Medical Instrument





Why Sahaporntool ?


For the past 35 years, We have been serving as a manufacturer for both international corporations, local businesses and individuals. We satisfied our customers with excellent services and delivering the highest quality work on time.


The emphasis of quality was started from raw materials to manufacturing process until the products are 100% inspected before shipping ou


We can ship anywhere and would appreciate the opportunity to quote on any drawings or samples, whether a single piece or multitude.
Normal Capacity 50%
Product Success 100%
Customer Satisfaction 95%
Job Delivered 98%

Delivery on time with top quality in guarantee

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